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Featured on Clark Howard, 11 ALIVE, FOX 5 News & More.

Bring in your rare coins, scrap gold, and sterling silver flatware & jewelry for a free test and evaluation.


"It's sort of like the Antiques Roadshow on PBS, people are finding out whether or not they have a whole lot of value in there hand or something that's worth nothing [...] It's sort of like waking up and winning the lottery except it's better than that.
-BRENDA WOOD 11 Alive News

"After we completed our investigation we looked around for a suitable location to test your gold that could offer convenient access and security and we found that BestGoldRates in Marietta has both."
"We'd like to thank BestGoldRates for offering a premium to our viewers."
11 Alive Center for Investigative Action

"Robert Oberth is the 'Good News Guy' these days [...] I dug out some of my old jewelry to see what it was worth"
-JAYE WATSON 11 Alive News

"Oberth doesn't only sell gold he buys it too, many of his customers are having gold parties."

"Oberth consults party goers one on one, first sorting the gold by content, weighing each piece then testing it to make sure its the real thing [...] he makes an offer to buy it on the spot. Most party goers walk away with $400 or more!!"
-DUFFIE DIXON 11 Alive News

"Some party goers walk away with more than $1000, pretty good deal."
-TOM HAYNES Fox 5 News Edge

"Don't worry if your jewelry is damaged or out of style,
your selling it for the gold content and not the style factor"
-VALERIE HOFF 11 Alive Ways to Save(May 2008)

"Call it a gold rush"

We specialize in buying and selling RARE COINS & Currency although we have also built a strong reputation in the Gold and Silver Buying Industry for striving to offer the best rates when buying scrap gold and sterling silver flatware and jewelry. Our refiner offers the best rates on gold and silver due to our enormous volume. If your items are worth more than melt value we may buy those for the piece and not for gold melt value.

Remember not all gold and silver buyers are created equal. Most of the "Gold Buying" stores you will find are owned by out of state investors and are operated by clerks who do not necessarily know how or why they are offering you the prices that they are. Please do not let yourself get low balled. After all the others have come and gone, we are here to stay. Come see the precious metals professionals at Gold & Coin Exchange in Marietta, GA.

1185 Cobb Pkwy N. Marietta, GA 30062

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