Frequently Asked Questions

We look for the following coins and dates: pre-1965 dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars (they’re 90% silver), 1965 to 1971 half dollars (they’re 40% silver), 1942-1945 nickels (they’re 35% silver), and coins with older designs (such as Buffalo nickels and Indian cents). Please visit our homepage to view all of them other items we would be interested in.
When buying or selling, we use market prices of the items to give you the best deal, or the most money for your items possible – whether the value is based on the rarity of a coin, or the antiquity of an estate jewelry piece, or simply, the intrinsic value of the gold or silver.
Certain items may take a certain trader, or more time to appraise. We want to make sure you are adequately taken care of. Please speak to one of our team members to see if an appointment is needed for the items you have.
If your ring has a diamond that is over a carat in size, please speak to one of our team members to ensure our GIA certified specialist is here.
Your jewelry will be tested if you agree to sell the item. If you would just like to have the item tested, that can be done for a fee of $75.

We do not accept cards on bullion. Other items such as jewelry and rare coins, card payments may be accepted – subject to approval.

You are not obligated to sell your items; We also do loans if you decide that you would like the money now and would like to get your item back later.
The appraisal process is the same as if you were selling. There is a small percentage of interest that is required to be paid upon picking up your item. The terms and conditions can be reviewed before you decide to proceed.